FIT Project turns to interdisciplinarity to understand injury factors in youth football

  • 12/11/2018
  • To address the alarming injury rate in youth footballers in Sweden, the project Injury-Free Children and Adolescents: Towards Better Practice in Swedish Football (FIT project) seeks to fill in the knowledge gaps by bringing biomedical and social science together. With its multi-angled and interdisciplinary approach, the project involves a sample of male and female Swedish football players […]

    Undergraduates survey cultural tourists’ attitudes and visual advertising in Malta

  • 08/04/2016
  • While advertising and promotion in general, specifically observed within the American society, is a largely researched topic, Dr János Tóth, Kodolányi János University of Applied Sciences, and the undergraduate students from the Karoli Gaspar University of the Reformed Church in Hungary have had their curiosity and attention drawn to a specific non-American and, therefore, underrepresented […]