RIO @ OpenCon

OpenCon 2015 brought together students and early career academic professionals alongside the most passionate advocates for Open Science to talk about Open Access, Open Education, and Open Data… and RIO’s founding editors Ross Mounce and Daniel Mietchen were there too!

There is hardly a better place to meet young and devoted enthusiasts supporting openness and transparency for scientific research. This is also a good setting to talk about  the RIO concept.

Special thanks to keynote speaker and member of our Subject Editor team Erin McKiernan for her passionate pledge for opening up science and for mentioning RIO Journal in her talk the very first day!

keynote-erin-mckiernan-my-pledge-to-be-open-yeah-hows-that-going-7-638    keynote-erin-mckiernan-my-pledge-to-be-open-yeah-hows-that-going-10-638
Slides from Erin McKiernan at Open Con 2015: My Pledge to be open (Yeah, how’s that going?)

As part of the 3-min community presentations, the journal was also presented by Daniel Mietchen, who has been a central figure and inspiration behind the RIO idea and its implementation.

Further discussions followed. Created around the principles of Open Access and Open Data, RIO aims to open up science making it possible to publish every step of the research cycle, from ideas to final results. See the full range of publications here.

RIO is devoted to link research to its real social impact. The journal will apply categorization to research outputs based upon internationally-recognised external criteria such as the EU Societal Challenges (the priorities of EU Horizon 2020 funding), and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We had some fun too. RIO sent some T-shirts and stickers for our supporters to take and spread the word: RIO flyers and stickers will soon be available in Rio de Janeiro, just ask Iara!

Special thanks to everyone for the support! We look forward to more feedback from the community, please do not shy away to ping us at or on Twitter @RioJournal.  

RIO is open for submissions since the beginning of November, see our APCs and promotions. We also welcome applications for Subject Editors and Editorial Apprentices.